Who We Are

We are a Foreign Employment Agency that delivers on our promise to customers. Foreign employment is our specialty, and our experience in training and recruiting candidates guarantees competent and confidence in the job.

Our Mission

To simplify foreign employment. Creating greater opportunities for everyday people.

Since 2013, Joyaya Employment Agency employed over 200 Ethiopian unskilled workers, granting every candidate a chance to travel and work in progressive environments.

Joyaya Foreign Employment Agency Workers busy at Kombolcha Branch

Our Personnel

Result oriented, trained and qualified with many years of experience to ensure instant placement of candidates, whether they are unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled or professional.

The founder and CEO Tewodros Mekonnen Wakjira is proactive in foreign employment. He is a member of Future Ethio Association, and has over 15 years of experience in the business.

Our Core Values

Joyaya Foreign Employment Agency values three primary pillars:

Service centered
We provide quality experience to our clients that extends to supporting our community and our team.
Growth mindset
We value growth in the workplace by developing our staff and provide an environment that fosters personal and professional development.
We are honesty, transparency and committed to doing what’s best for your clients, customers, teammates and company.
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